You Want To Go Fishing / A First Timer guide

So you have heard from friends how great fishing is and you want to give it a try.  What do you need? First you need a place to fish. Say you do not have a boat.  Check with a bait shop to inquire where you could go to catch some fish not having a boat. The bait shop should be able to direct you to some spots. Now here in Minnesota we have 10000 lakes and there are many places a shore fisherman could go.  There are many parks on our lakes. Now you must buy a rod and reel for the fish you are going to pursue. For a reel a bait cast reel is best for beginners. It has a push button you press then release when you cast. The line you buy should match the fish size you are pursuing. Genrally a size 6 pound monofilament line is a good all around line. Good for panfish good up to a 12 to pound fish such as walleye . The rod choices usually come in light medium and heavy action rods. Medium is a good all around choice. It would be designated a good bass or walleye size rod which you could use for panfish also. The light action rod would be exclusively for small fish such as panfish. The heavy duty action rod would be stiff and would be what you would use for a musky size fish (20 to 40 pound).

Now you have spoken to the bait shop , they have rigged you with the right equipment. You need to get the correct bait (lures). Here is a good example for someone starting off. Panfish are your best starting fish since they are plentiful especially here in Minnesota. The bait you use will be an angle worms and a number 6 size hook.  You will also have a small bobber. Here in Minnesota when the ice goes off the lakes the panfish come into the bays and shoreline to feed. This trip you go to legendary panfish and bass lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka has many channels between sections of Lake Minnetonka. Your bait shop has told you the peak of the panfish bite will occur during the warmest time of day. So you go out and fish at that time with a bucket to keep your fish for eating. You go and fish putting a bobber about two feet in front of the bait.  Cast and reel very slowly back. Watch for the boober to go down then set the hook. Reel in the fish. You now have basic information you need to go fishing your first time and be successful. Go fishing, give it a try you might just love it.

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